Review of Bride to the Fiend Prince: A Dark Rulers Romance by Rebecca F. Kenney

Bride to the Fiend Prince: A Dark Rulers Romance (Standalone) by [Rebecca F. Kenney]

When her father surrenders to an invading kingdom, Amarylla doesn’t realize she’s part of the treaty until it’s too late. Drugged to prevent resistance, she’s swept away to the dark, tortured kingdom of Terelaus, where she is forced to marry the Fiend Prince. When Amarylla holds a dagger to his throat on their wedding night, she and the Prince come to a tenuous arrangement of their own. But he may not be the greatest danger lurking in the Cursed Palace.

This book. I grabbed it because I saw a Tiktok about Captive of the Pirate King and it wasn’t available for a few days! This book looked equally interesting and honestly I am so glad I read this first! I absolutely loved this book, finding Amarylla to be a damsel, who isn’t in distress, and can definitely handle herself. While she might have been betrayed previously, she didn’t let her previous preconceived notions about people and why they did things stop her from becoming compassionate and working for what is right. She’s a great heroine and I loved all of the tension (especially the dancing!!) and the spice between her and her Fiend Prince.

Update: I forgot to add that I also loved how this book made the heroine face mortality.

“He’s going to die.”
“As we all are,” said Onwe, “And those closer to the grave deserve love just as much as those with years of life left ahead of them.”

Star rating: ✯✯✯✯✯

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