Review of Captive of the Pirate King: A Pirate Romance by Rebecca F. Kenney

Captive of the Pirate King: A Pirate Romance (Standalone) (Dark Rulers Book 2) by [Rebecca F. Kenney]

Veronica wants nothing more than to find her brother, who sailed away years ago. But when Veronica’s ship is captured by pirates, she’s determined to save her own skin, while keeping her magic and her gender a secret. Disguised as male, she finagles a spot as a cabin boy aboard the buccaneers’ vessel–which is bound for Ravensbeck, a stronghold where the Pirate King holds sway. He may have the answers Veronica seeks–but getting those answers could cost her more than she’s willing to pay.

This book… was slow burning and great. I loved the way Veronica worked as a cabin boy, and how her relationships develop from Nick to Veronica. She is so capable and becomes so strong, so while she does have disadvantages that she has had to deal with her whole life, it is great to see her overcome what she perceives as her own shortcomings. I did quite enjoy this book and fell asleep several nights, stopping to sleep when my eyes were blurring. I quite loved how she was challenged regularly by her male counterpart, but her inability to realize how much attention he kept on her and how much he was pushing, that he had to care, was frustrating and annoying. It was also hard to empathize with her feelings for her brother as well, but the connections she made and her journey on sea and with the pirates certainly made up for it.

Star rating: ✯✯✯✯


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