Review of The Tin Rose: A Steampunk Romance by Anne Renwick

The Tin Rose: A Steampunk Romance (An Elemental Steampunk Chronicle) by [Anne Renwick]

An evening escape. A clockwork poison. A race to save a love balanced on the edge.

On the night they were to elope, a spurned lover returned. A gift, she claimed. But the clockwork contraption unwound a poisonous bloom, sending Lady Emily and Luca, her beloved, on a desperate race to reach the cure.

A very quick novel, which showed the tenacity of Lady Emily and just how far people will go for those they love. There were stakes and one was never quite sure how it would end, but it was quite short (with a print length of 58 pages). I did enjoy it, as I have all of Renwick’s books thus far.

Star rating: ✯✯✯✯

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