Review of Glass and Death by Holly Hook

Synopsis (from Amazon):
Can the son of the darkest wizard in Fable save it?

Shorty’s world is in trouble. The land of Fable is falling victim to a growing darkness, one being spread by an evil dark wizard named Alric who is bent on making every fairy tale fall. Worse, Shorty’s grandmother hates him and even the knights around his castle fear his presence.

The fact that he’s the son of Alric might have something to do with that.

No matter how far Shorty runs, he cannot escape from his origin and the dark magic pulsing through him. When a group of refugees arrives on his doorstep, one of them with a magic ball of yarn that can show you anywhere you want to go, Shorty realizes his time of hiding is over. And they’re being pursued by Annie, Alric’s evil sister.

Shorty must act. Finding and facing the dark wizard himself is the only thing that will free him—and Fable—from the darkness.

Shorty has grown exponentially from his original journey with Candice to this point. In many ways, Shorty’s journey is one that most go through in life– are they like their parents, will they do the same things, or will they take another path and do something completely different? Realizing that he must lead, it’s up to Shorty to forge his own path. Facing up to one’s parents is the hardest thing a child can do, but sometimes, it is necessary, and while Shorty’s case is extreme, one can only hope that his journey shows that you can be whatever you truly want to be, and that you will have have far more friends and followers if you do what is right.

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