Review of Chosen By the Prince by Calyope Adams

Chosen By the Prince
By Calyope Adams

Star Rating: 
Genre: Historical/Medieval Romance
Number of Pages: 300

Date Started: November 21, 2017
Date Finished: November 21, 2017

Synopsis: (From Amazon)

He can choose only one woman. He chose her…

Spoiled socialite Jillian is at the Royal Palace for a party when the King’s Advisor pulls her aside. He informs her that she’s been selected to be the Prince’s personal plaything for the remainder of her days, or until he releases her from servitude. It is her duty as a loyal subject to try and please him, no matter what the cost to her pride.

Jillian stares at the handsome Prince in shock as the guards lock the jewel encrusted collar around her neck. He doesn’t even like her!

He’s been giving her odd, dark looks for years. What she doesn’t realize is that he’s been biding his time, waiting for her to grow up, to be ready to be Chosen By The Prince… 

Bad. The one word I can think to describe this novel is bad. The characters aren’t fleshed out, and the plot is all over the place. There are three distinct different “issues” that must be gone through, but together it feels as if these could have been three short stories about three different sets of people instead of thrown together in one book. Firstly, Jillian and the Prince don’t get along, and she feels she has to do what he wants to keep her family safe. Secondly, Jillian’s past comes back for vengeance. Thirdly, the prince’s future attacks due to jealously/envy as well. When finally the third part is resolved, one wonders why the Prince wouldn’t have taken that path once the first major issue or second were resolved, instead of waiting until there is another huge problem.

The jeweled collar seems to denote some sort of BDSM relationship, but frankly, it’s impossible to see that in this book. The Prince’s attitude abruptly changes throughout, from being caring and considerate to callous because of Jillian’s displeasure.

Perhaps most annoying, is the foreword that this is the third edition of the book, and yet it is rife with grammatical errors which easily could have been found by an editor.

Although a quick read, the book doesn’t given any emotions other than- oh, well, that’s over now. The ending is nice, but there was a lot of slosh to go through from the beginning to get there, and it would have been a much nicer, short story if half of the issues were cut out. The second and third problems really served no point to the central story and while providing conflict didn’t change any part of the relationship between Jillian and the Prince.

Perhaps her other novels are better, but I would not recommend this one.

Author Biography: (From Amazon)
Calyope Adams is a life long avid reader and writer, usually found with her head in a book. Most recently she has been exploring the sensual side of life. She’s fascinated by history, mythology and the power dynamics inherent in romantic relationships.

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