Review of Phantom by Greer Rivers

A dark, modern, romantic retelling of the musical classic, Phantom of the Opera.
But this time, the man behind the mask won’t stop until she is his.

She is my muse, and I am her demon of music.

A year ago, I witnessed sweet Scarlett Day’s dark side. She’s been my obsession ever since.

I was content with being her secret. Content with protecting her from afar… until an enemy from my past sets his sights on her.

Our families have a deep history of hatred, and Scarlett is caught in the middle.

Meanwhile, her mind plays tricks on her. When a panic attack goes horribly wrong, I emerge from the shadows to save her.

Now that she’s mine, I can’t let her go.

I’ve mastered the darkness. She tempts me with her light.

But when my mask is gone, will she fear the monster underneath?

PHANTOM is a spicy story set in modern-day New Orleans and a complete STANDALONE in the Tattered Curtain series. Guaranteed HEA.

Author’s Note: All CWs/TWs can be found in the front of the book, the author’s website, or on Goodreads. Mature readers only.

I love the Phantom of the Opera. I have since I was 13 years old. I’ve liked a few retellings, but this, this blew me away! Firstly, the location and use of French was spot on and absolutely splendid. Rivers did an excellent job of describing an opera house, the costumes, the performances, and what goes into music as well as the musical connection between our phantom and ingenue. The characterizations and descriptions of them, ailments, and distinguishing features was perfect.

Wasn’t sure I’d be alright with the name change but it was spot on, especially the connection between Scarlett’s father’s nickname for her and a certain poser. Seeing how people who believe they have power will do anything and everything in their power to manipulate someone, both because of age and/or gaslighting and how hard it can be to see that and get away was really well written. Recognizing that what you thought you want may not be what actually makes your heart sing is a lesson that not many get until they’re in a position that they can no longer leave to go do whatever would have made them happy, so it was really interesting to see multiple people’s takes on that, and how someone supportive versus controlling reacts.

I loved how our two main characters call to each other, both darkness and light. This is certainly a very hot read, and I thought the spice was absolutely perfect. While their connection is instant, our ingenue can be quite dense and overtly naïve. I do think the characters grew quite a lot during the story, more our Phantom than Scarlett. While I likely wouldn’t want to encourage falling into this type of relationship, I can’t deny that I found this book to be absolute perfection, and may have cried when it was over because I wanted more.

This book was everything I wished POTO the musical gave you; the spice, the tension, the desire. I highly intend to read more of Greer Rivers’ novels, if this is any indication of how brilliant she is.

Edit to add (January 4, 2022): I love how perfectly morally grey our Phantom is, as well as what he means by she’ll sing only for him.

Star rating: ✯✯✯✯✯


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