Review of The Book Witch by Melanie Karsak


A bookish witch struggling to tame her magic.

A single father fighting to keep his business afloat.

They say opposites attract, but there have never been two more opposite people than Stone Schneider and me. Stone, the brawny owner of the Chancellor Brewery and Biergarten, is my definition of nemesis. His noisy pub is a constant source of irritation. Where my bookshop brings beauty and stories to the world, Stone brings a Friday-night cover band.

Even though Stone has the most adorable, bookish child on the planet, that handsome tapster and I cannot find a way to get along. If Stone could stop being annoying for five seconds, I might ask him out. But when Stone breaks yet another business agreement between us—just in time for the holiday season—all bets are off.

Despite my coven’s warnings, it seems like just a little book magic would do the trick to bend things my way. But in Chancellor, magic has a mind of its own, and Lady Winter will have her way this Christmas season.

Meet Paige and Stone in The Book Witch, a delightful holiday-themed, sweet, clean romance set in the magical small town of Chancellor. The Book Witch is a stand-alone novel in a shared quirky, magical town.

What a beautiful and sweet story. This book is brilliant, showing how ending a relationship can look and screw your life up from the standpoint of dating and the convoluted nature of a family breaking apart. I quite enjoyed seeing how Paige gets on with Stone’s son, and how absolutely brilliant Oliver is, as well as Stone rejoining the world and finally stepping up to see how things have been progressing in life since he buried himself in work. It was certainly the first time I’d seen that type of transformation for a Beauty and the Beast retelling, and it was very sweet and subtly done. I loved Paige’s magic, as well as Mother Redbone, and like all the Chancellor books, I wish it’d been a bit longer.

Star rating: ✯✯✯✯✯


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