Review of Merry Inkmas by Talia Hibbert

Merry Inkmas by [Talia Hibbert]

Cash Evans knows exactly what he wants for Christmas. Too bad he can’t have her.

The infamous tattoo artist’s been watching geeky Bailey Cooper for months, but that’s all he’ll ever do: watch. Bailey’s too sweet, too smart, too good for the likes of him, and he knows it. So Cash keeps his distance… until a Christmas miracle makes him Bailey’s boss.

Socially awkward Bailey learned long ago that men just aren’t worth the hassle. Take her new boss, Cash: he’s a brooding beast who avoids her like the plague, but he also fixes her plumbing, helps the homeless, and offers Bailey a place to stay for Christmas.

She’s never met anyone so confusing—or so impossible to resist. And the more Bailey learns about Cash and his demons, the more she thinks it’s time to stop fighting.

Warning: this 50,000-word holiday romance features an alphamellow bad boy hero, a strong, geeky heroine, a naughty office flirtation, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after. There’s no cheating and no cliff-hanger. Enjoy!

This is the perfect amount of cute and sweet and complicated and just perfect in so so so many ways. There are some hot scenes in there but the relationships and depth of both characters Bailey and Cash and how they have to work together to overcome past trauma really made this book a hit. While the beginning tension did play a huge part in how awesome this book is seeing how different people react to tragedy and work to rebuild their lives, and use their talents, was great. Moving past the mental blocks put in place by what we see and experience from others in the past can be hard but oh so rewarding. The chemistry was perfect. The personalities were perfect. I loved this novel! I was left with only one question at the end… did Bailey end up with any more ink?

Star rating: ✯✯✯✯✯

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