Happy New Year! 2021 Book Recommendations…

In 2021 I read/wrote reviews for 74 books! Of those, of course there were some favourites, both of books in general and authors. My top three authors that I quite enjoyed this year and would recommend would be:

K. M. Shea:
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She writes some amazing fantasy books. I first got hooked on The Fairy Tale Enchantress books, but there hasn’t been a book of hers I’ve read that I haven’t loved. Her writing is refreshing and her plotlines interesting and you’re never quite sure what you might be getting yourself into. Also absolutely loved her Court of Midnight and Deception book series!

Melanie Karsak
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Be still my steampunk loving heart. You got gothic steampunk mixed with fantasy elements and magic? You got it! I got hooked on the Steampunk Red Riding Hood books and couldn’t put any of the others she’s written down once I started. She really draws you in to a detailed and well flushed out steampunk world leaving you wanting more and more, even at the end.

Kel Carpenter
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Carpenter isn’t like the other two authors I’d recommend in that she’s very much fantasy (mostly modern fantasy) but quite romance based. Her books are definitely R rated, and some I enjoyed quite a bit more than others. A few of her series feature reverse harems.

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