Review of Princess of Athelia by Aya Ling

Princess of Athelia
Unfinished Fairy Tales Novella
By Aya Ling

Star Rating: 
Genre: Young Adult, Fairy Tale Retelling
Number of Pages: 88

Date Started: April 26, 2017
Date Finished: April 27, 2017

Synopsis: (From Amazon)
Kat has now moved into the palace, determined to make the most of her time with her beloved prince. Being princess, however, is no bed of roses. She must learn how to behave like a royal, prepare for the upcoming engagement, and defend herself against hostile relatives. And knowing that her time with Edward is limited, Kat isn’t so certain that she wants to be princess anymore…

This was a cute little short story, but unfortunately it really seemed like it could have been summarized in a few short sentences. While it was nice getting to see Kat and Edward together again, the tale was simply too short, and over far too quickly.

I did like that Kat was willing to showcase her average modern skills, which were far superior to anything women were allowed to learn in Athelia.

Author Biography: (From Amazon)
Aya is from Taiwan, where she struggles daily to contain her obsession with mouthwatering and unhealthy foods. Often she will devour a good book instead. Her favorite books include martial arts romances, fairy tale retellings, high fantasy, cozy mysteries, and manga.
She is currently working on Ever After, Book 3 in the Unfinished Fairy Tales series, to be released in 2017. For exclusive bonus scenes, giveaways, and new release info, visit

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