Where I’ve Been and a BOOK BLAST!

Lately, I’ve been spending far more time dancing than I have writing.  It might appear that I’ve also shoved reading to the side, but this is not true.  Since finishing From the Ashes by C. J. Archer, book six in The Ministry of Curiosities book series I’ve had the pleasure of beta reading a wonderful alternative history novel which I absolutely adore.  While I can’t divulge anything about my favourite alternative history book, I can share a book that my author friend has a short story in!

This book features classic Fairy Tales with a Science Fiction twist.  Sound like it’s the type of book I’d read?  You bet!  I’m hoping it’s one you would be interested in too.

Check out Circuits and Slippers for a new perspective on well known and loved stories.  If you like Fairy Tale retellings, this will likely be perfect for you.  Get it, love it, and want to chat?  You’re free to contact me, and hey, maybe one of the authors would be willing to drop you a line too.

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