Review of Grave Expectations by C. J. Archer

Grave Expectations
The Ministry of Curiosities Book 4
By C. J. Archer

Star Rating: 
Genre: Fantasy
Number of Pages: 252

Date Started: June 27, 2016
Date Finished: June 28, 2016

Synopsis: (From Amazon)grave expectations
Charlie’s life is perfect. She has everything her heart desires. Until it all goes horribly wrong.

Charlie and Lincoln return to London to find two supernaturals have been murdered, and Charlie might be next. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the man who adopted her has escaped from prison, and the committee members have just learned some news that infuriates them. Now there’s talk of sending Charlie away again. Far away.

But the worst is yet to come. Charlie is kidnapped and forced to summon one of the murder victims – but she’s unable to send him back. With an angry dead supernatural on the loose and the committee determined to get rid of her, Charlie’s time with the Ministry of Curiosities, and Lincoln, is in grave danger of coming to an end.

Finally, we see Lincoln drop his defenses and admit his feelings!  Unfortunately Charlie might just be high on the list of supernaturals that will be exterminated, and it seems the person behind the supernatural deaths has decided using her adoptive father to “save” her might work well.  Charlie shows she is brave and thinks fast in the face of danger and that she works well with both the men in Lincoln’s house, and becoming the mistress of that house.  Due in large part to Lincoln’s previous lack of being social, he finds that although she can be quite a help, he isn’t sure he can deal with the potential for her being hurt.  The ending made me cry.

Author Biography: (From Amazon)
C.J. Archer has loved history and books for as long as she can remember and feels fortunate that she found a way to combine the two. She has at various times worked as a librarian, IT support person and technical writer but in her heart has always been a fiction writer. While she has written historical romance in the past, she now writes exclusively in the historical fantasy genre (with a large dose of romance). She has several series which occur in the same Victorian-era “world”, one after the other. Each series can be read alone, but it’s more fun to start at the beginning with THE EMILY CHAMBERS SPIRIT MEDIUM TRILOGY. Follow that up with all 9 FREAK HOUSE books, then the MINISTRY OF CURIOSITIES series. GLASS AND STEELE, her newest series, is set in an entirely different alternate Victorian London.

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