Where I’ve Been

Here’s a brief update for all of you lovely adoring fans out there, that I’m sure have been quite concerned for my sudden website absence.  If you follow me on Facebook you’d know that I’ve had a minimal presence there, mostly posting various memes about reading.  So, what have I been up to?

During the past few months my husband and I have fully moved into our new house.  I’ve been working on several projects,  one of which being Pas de Deux and as always, reading.

This is where most of you that have been with me for a while might think, oh goodness, she’s going to go through a stage of mass reviews for all the novels she’s gone through but been too busy (or lazy) to put up sooner.  Yes and no.  I continued to work through a series I started last year, and part of it was quite dragging.  In truth, I’ve only got about four new reviews to do.  Worry not, this number will hopefully increase drastically.

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