Review of Grinless the Goblin by Kenneth Lynch

Comedic fantasy adventures of a luckless goblin who always comes off looking like a hero when he just wants to be alone.

Earlier this year (in October) I was allotted the opportunity to read a yet to be properly published book titled Grinless the Goblin. Grinless the Goblin is a fantastical adventure for any who have found themselves put out by how things are not going their way, and how when you are down on yourself, you may still be the best thing around to others, and the saviour you didn’t want to be. Grinless is a very easy to empathize with character, a goblin that seems to constantly be in trouble, who goes on great adventures.

The quality of this story isn’t something you would expect from a new author; both a completely modern and relatable story told with a fairy tale flair that makes you wonder if you’ve discovered something unpublished by the Grimm Brothers or a secondary tale in the realms of The Princess and the Goblin but with more adult humour. I was definitely enthralled with the life of our goblin friend and found him both hilarious and endearing. Once this book is fully published, I fully intend to suggest everyone reads it.

Star rating: ✯✯✯✯✯


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