Review of The Sunrise Lands by S. M. Stirling

Young Rudi Mackenzie has grown up knowing that he will one day assume leadership over the Western Oregon survivors of the technological disaster called the Change. But a prophecy made at his birth spoke of an even greater destiny—a destiny that is about to be fulfilled.
A mysterious traveler has arrived in the Willamette Valley. He brings news from the East, from Nantucket Island, long rumored to be the source of the Change. He has been sent on a mission to bring back with him the Sword of the Lady from the sunset oceans.
As son of the High Priestess, Rudi is the Sword of the Lady. Now, guided by the traveler, he sets out on a quest across the Changed land that was once America. But between Rudi and his destiny lies the Valley of Paradise…and the cult of a madman determined to stop him.

Honestly, I felt much more at home and enjoyment with this book than the rest of them. I do quite like Rudi, and even Matti! That being said, I really DID NOT enjoy having no idea what a shete was all this time until near the end of the 4th book in the series, when it was finally mentioned to be taken from machete!

It is quite interesting seeing Rudi from so many different angles, and seeing what people think of him. He is very self aware and tries to always think of more than the now, but is still young and learning. He has such high expectations on him given his parentage, that he finds it easy to relate to most people’s struggle to be as much as their parents have been and to overstep the shadows that cling to them from their parentage. Watching him grow and develop into a great leader has been awesome to see so far.

I also think this book has far better pacing than the previous books, in that nothing felt overly long or drawn out. Although there was quite a lot of fighting, there was a lot of plot involved and it wasn’t just a slog of reading about battle after battle in detail. I also quite loved the interplay of religion and how one acts, feels, and what one does when they believe themselves guilty. Matti’s confession with the father had me legitimately laughing.

Looking forward to seeing what happens next!

Star rating: ✯✯✯✯✯

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