Review of The Protector’s War: A Novel of the Change by S. M. Stirling

Rising from the ashes of the computer and industrial ages is a brave new world. Survivors have banded together in tribal communities, committed to rebuilding society.

In Oregon’s Willamette Valley, former pilot Michael Havel’s Bearkillers are warriors of renown. Their closest ally, the mystical Clan MacKenzie, is led by Wiccan folksinger Juniper MacKenzie. Their leadership has saved countless lives.

But not every leader has altruistic aspirations. Norman Arminger, medieval scholar, rules the Protectorate. He has enslaved civilians, built an army, and spread his forces from Portland through most of western Washington State. Now he wants the Willamette Valley farmland, and he’s willing to wage war to conquer it.

Unknown to both factions, however, is the imminent arrival of a ship from Tasmania bearing British soldiers.

Holy hell did this take me a while to get through! There were points that I was really excited to read on, but there were many that I skimmed or just couldn’t wait to get through. Despite this being about the protector’s war, we didn’t really see the protector or get a great look at anything to do with him. Now, I think it’s great that the protector was being screwed over by the Mackenzies and Bearkillers, but I still just do not particularly like one of the characters, and I certainly don’t like the way Rudi ties the two groups together, especially since it became so well publicized (thanks Mike!). I had expectations for our three Englishmen since the beginning, and while we aren’t sure about the younger yet, I’m a little sad that I believe I got them wrong- however, I didn’t think that when I made the original guesstimate.

Star rating: ✯✯✯✯

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