Review of the Playboy series J. Sterling

Starting on: Avoiding the Playboy
So it finally happened. I didn’t vet my kindle books as well as I should have, and a “cliffhanger” freebie took residence for free. Am I disappointed? Yes. Would I recommend this book? No. Is this book even a “book” at all? Not really. It isn’t like James Patterson’s “bookshots” (aka novellas/short stories) where he tries to strip it down to 150 pages for $5 but you get a complete story- Sterling is not even giving a full story at all. It’s splitting a book into three books when you could have just sold one for 3.99 instead of the first one free, second one .99 and third 2.99.

The book itself is decent. I enjoyed the descriptions and characters, but I felt like I was just getting into it when it was abruptly cut off. It wouldn’t have phased me at all were this one story and I’d already purchased this, but this is almost like you thought you were getting a story and instead you’ve gotten the sample. Now, I am very torn, I quite like what I’ve read so far, but I’m not certain it justifies buying two more books. Reader, I did it. I bit the bullet and bought the two books.

The following was written after finishing books 2 and 3:
Do I regret it? Yes. Would I do it again? No. The second “book” is around 40 pages. Only 40 pages of this story. The books are padded to appear larger by having bits of her other books tucked into the end. The relationships are unrealistic after book 1. In book 1 there was indifference and the war between what you should and shouldn’t do. Books 2 and 3 have conflict that is instantaneously fixed, with no real barriers or stakes because as soon as an issue pops up suddenly it’s all better, whether or not that’s something that would happen in the real world. I wish I had posted the above two paragraphs instead of insisting to myself that I needed to read the whole thing before telling others I wouldn’t recommend it. At least I can say that while a HEA (happily ever after) IS achieved, it is nothing but a superfluous waste to purchase and read these, even if the sex scenes are decent. I feel so strongly about not recommending these, that I will not be linking to them.

Star Rating: ✯✯

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