Review of Mr. Hired Boss by Lindsey Hart

Mr. Hired Boss (Alphalicious Billionaires Boss Book 4) by [Lindsey Hart]

He is the WRONG guy!
I brought the wrong guy home to mummy and daddy…

I met him the night I swore men off forever.
And proposed to him right there and then.
Pretend to be my boyfriend for the weekend!

Yup, I hired a stranger as my escort.
I had my reasons, okay.
Plus him, love, and all that drama shit? Not going to happen. Ever!
All the pretend stuff? Child’s play.
Sharing my bed with him? Easy peasy.
My family? They are totally going to fawn over him.

See all-round perfect.
Because he is gay.
Except… you know…
Well, he is being a little too perfect in his job.
So perfect that I’m not sure what is fake anymore.
So perfect that I’m seeing heartbreak written all over him.
And that is most definitely not what I hired him for!

Disappointing. This book had such potential to be great. It had good characters, an interesting premise, but for all that lead up only had one sex scene that wasn’t written well. I quite enjoyed the characters and the heat and intensity between them as their story unfolds and they pretend to be in a relationship, but the actual intimacy wasn’t gripping. If this was classified as a sweet romance, it’d be five stars (and that one scene would likely be omitted) but as it isn’t, I’ll give it three. Plotline and characters were great, language was a bit weird with the word “farging” being used instead of the curse word “fucking”, but the “romance” part… not so much.

Star Rating: ✯✯✯

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