Review of A Secret in Onyx by Jessica Florence

A Secret In Onyx (Onyx Trilogy Book 1) by [Jessica Florence]

EVERYTHING I knew died when the end of the world came. People dropped dead, and electricity vanished. Those who remained alive were never the same again.

While on the run with my boyfriend Tor across the desolate continent, the worst humanity had left attacked. Torn from the one I love, I boldly raced for help at the last human safe zone.

Only it’s not humans I found, but the Fae.

Now I have one month to rescue my boyfriend and release a savior princess from an onyx tomb or lose them both forever. A seemingly impossible task when Rune, a cursed, pain in the ass Fae warrior is assigned to train me. He’s hellbent on freeing his beloved princess and I’m desperate to save Tor. But no matter how hard we snarl during training; we can’t stay away from each other.

I thought the worst thing that could happen to me was the apocalypse.

I was wrong.

Holy crap, this was not at all what I expected it to be. This was said to be like Sarah J Maas and I can truly say I did not find that to be the case one bit. I didn’t really get into the book until around chapter 15, and had actually started this quite a while before and started reading other things (It had already been partway through chapter 2 or 3 when I picked it up again, and I did go back and reread those chapters to make sure I didn’t miss anything important.) It did pick up in the end, which is why I did finish it.

In some ways some parts of the plot were very foreseeable, though it did take a bit to catch on for me of the overall. One thing that I found very interesting was how the fae have powers, innate, in their cores. I hadn’t seen that before, and I found it neat that she used the properties gems were known for having as the strength/power the people with the cores would have. I also found it interesting that one could also have an animal core, and usually only one or the other, but some could have both. And of course I love that there are part owl fae because we all know I love owls!

Edit- added in after thoughts from after the before review was originally posted:
There were a few references to other distinct bodies of literature that I had quite enjoyed, paraphrased statements that still left one remembering the source material of The Princess Bride and Alice in Wonderland.

It also occurred to me that only have of the job that Sapphira is supposed to do was actually necessary. Hmm.

Star Rating: ✯✯✯


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