La Llorona is Available on Kindle!

Today’s the day you can read The Case Files of Alessandra Clement, and join her as she connects with people who have gone through severe water incidents, using the story of La Llorona, the weeping woman, to connect and guide them through their anguish.

Alessandra Clement isn’t your usual psychologist, she’s a psychotherapist. She uses fairy tales, folktales, and legends to connect to her clients’ trauma, and guide them through it. In La Llorona, Clement goes over case files of clients who have experienced a severe water incident with their children. By looking at the Mexican folktale from all angles, Clement relates the story to her clients in a way that allows them to see the similarities between themselves and the story, as well as seeing the ways that they are different, and how they can improve their life by moving away from the story so they don’t have a dastardly end.

You can purchase Alessandra’s first case file, La Llorona, on Amazon for kindle. Paperback to follow.

Thank you so much to my wonderful editor, Theresa Filo, and my amazing cover artist, Kostis Petridis. Not much thought goes into those that have helped you create something, but I am so appreciate for these two and all of the work they’ve also put into this, as well as all the people who have inspired me throughout the years, resulting in this book.

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