Review of Frogs and Princes by Holly Hook

Synopsis (from Amazon):
Candice hates 1.) being the rich girl in town everyone thinks is a snob, 2.) Shorty, the annoying guy who has a huge crush on her, and 3.) the fact she can hear frogs talking. Yikes.

But when a frog begs her to save him from dissection, she steps in, starting a chain of events that land her and Shorty in Fable, a world where the fairy tales are real. It turns out she’s a princess, and the frog she rescued is meant to be her prince. But he’s far from a happily ever after. If doesn’t free him from his curse and agree to be his timid, obedient bride, her kingdom will turn dark and fall into the hands of the most powerful dark wizard in Fable. And she thought Shorty was a jerk!

Candice must face her identity and make an impossible decision. And it also turns out Shorty’s got secrets of his own, secrets which might destroy them all.

Oh my goodness, I love Candice! Not only is she sucked into something she doesn’t quite understand, but she takes it in stride and tries to make it better. Candice is intelligent, although most people do not see that, and her desire to make things right tempered with the ingenuity of having lived without magic lead her on an interesting path to fulfilling her story without setting herself up for a dismal existence. Candice and Shorty grow throughout their journey, which makes following them enjoyable.

Star Rating: 

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