Review of These Wicked Revels by Lidiya Foxglove

These Wicked Revels
Fairy Tale Heat 2
By Lidiya Foxglove

Star Rating: 
Genre: Fairy Tale Retelling, Romance
Number of Pages: 155

Synopsis: (From Amazon)
Princess Evaline

I should not be so intrigued by the King of the Revels’ wicked promise. I should not wish to abandon my family and remain in this faery land of song and dance forever. But it was a temptation, when in my own homeland of Torina, my pious mother forbids me from my beloved music and dancing…much less dancing with beautiful men.

But do I love the King of the Revels enough to belong to him?


I haven’t been the same man since the King of Torina sent me to fight in his pointless, bloody war. I came home with a limp and bad memories of my friends dying in my arms, but now the king has offered Princess Evaline’s hand to anyone who can figure out why her slippers are worn out in the morning. I accepted out of revenge. But as soon as I saw her, I knew I wanted to capture her heart fair and square. First, I’ll have get past the King of the Revels…

These Wicked Revels is a standalone fairy tale retelling of the Twelve Dancing Princesses for those who like an unabashedly adorable happily ever after with a side of serious steaminess! (Even the trees are naughty in this one. You’ve been warned.)

I’m torn. I did love the novel, but I had at one point hoped, wished, and prayed that Evaline would make quite a different decision.

The characters were so well developed in this novel. The reasons Evaline wanted to go where she can dance are understandable, and make one hope she can remain free forever. Will, on the other hand, is equally well developed, though in another way entirely. While Evaline may be an innocent, not understanding or taking part in important kingdom wide events, Will has lived a full life of service, and understands what would make a kingdom run better. I’ve never read a story that had such depth of a character, and such an amazing roundabout way of bringing it all together in the end.

The sexual tension runs high in this book, and I believe the scenes are written fairly well.


Author Biography: (From Amazon)
Lidiya Foxglove likes her fairy tales to be very naughty indeed. She grew up on a steady diet of fairy tales, folklore and fantasy and loves the swoon-worthy romance and happily ever afters, but thinks the best fairy tales also have the thrill of forbidden desires. If she’s not writing, she’s probably reading. Come hang out with her on Facebook at:

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