Review of Claws of Brass by Meredith Rose

Claws of Brass: a YA Theater Steampunk No
Alchemy Empire Book 2
By Meredith Rose

Star Rating: 
Genre: YA, YA Fantasy, YA Steampunk, Steampunk
Number of Pages: 397

Date Started: April 11, 2017
Date Finished: April 12, 2017

Synopsis: (From Amazon)

He saved her life…but at what cost to his own?

When Minx Mellor’s enigmatic theater director, Dietrich Wolff, rescued her from a serial killer, he never dreamed his own life would now be threatened. Dark magic is turning him into someone he doesn’t recognize, with memories that aren’t his own. From dank alleys to the Throne Room of Wynstanham Palace, Minx searches for a way to stop the magical disease. But no gadgets or dramatic performances will help this time. And the cure will bring her face to face once again with the monster that haunts her soul—
—if she can keep Dietrich alive long enough to succeed.

So much happened in this novel, and there were sure signs of a set up for a third novel, but this novel also contained its own compelling story. We know Minx’s past, but now she has to face it in the most horrible way possible. A lot of things that happened relationship wise I had somewhat expected, and didn’t find it too surprising, but there were some new relationships that I didn’t see coming.

Once I started this novel I could hardly set it down, needing to know what happened next, and if Minx would be in time to save Dietrich. Minx standing up for herself, stating she will always make her own decisions was well done, and her transformation from believing herself to be a victim to understanding she was not to blame for her past was great to see.

The introduction of conniving characters who will try to force Minx to do their bidding is a great setup for the next novel, and it makes one wonder if a potential political uprising might be seen in the future.

Quite well done, with the steampunk and magical aspects still completely seamless.

Author Biography: (From Amazon)
MEREDITH ROSE has been a literary rebel since the age of nine when she began rewriting novel endings she didn’t like. Childhood peers mocked her for using words longer than two syllables, and adults told her that she would never be able to make it as a writer–because it’s, like, not a real career.

Thoroughly undaunted, (well, maybe a little daunted at times, to be honest) over the next two decades she secretly pursued writing novels and finally sold her first book at age twenty-nine (under a different name). She went on to publish another three novels, in which the experience of rewriting stuff actually came in useful.

CHAINS OF SILVER is her first young adult novel, and she wrote it for her two teenage daughters who are also talented rebels in their own ways. The sequel, CLAWS OF BRASS, is available October 1, 2016.

When she’s not writing, Meredith goes on bookstore dates with her husband, studies Welsh, dabbles in graphic design and altered art, and reads Tumblr way too much. Bucket list items include becoming a yarn bomber, Argentine tango dancer, and an opera singer.

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