Pas de Deux – Available for Pre-order

Now available for pre-order on kindle, Amy S. Brown’s debut novel, Pas de Deux.
Kindle Release: November 18, 2016. Paperback to follow.


Elena Gleason is driven. She’s spent countless hours of her seventeen years honing her abilities to become a ballerina in the New York City Ballet. Yet when she is whisked off to a remote manor house by a magical locket, and trapped with a dark haired stranger, Elena realizes more than her future in ballet is at stake. Anastasios has lost his spark, and is searching for a muse to infuse his spirit when Elena falls into his life. Skeptical of Anastasios’s claims, Elena continues to seek a way out of the manor, and learns the perils of his profession. Despite knowing the risks, Elena won’t stop fighting for the future she wants.


I’ve been diligently working on Pas de Deux for years.  It’s gone through many changes, and I’m quite pleased with what it has become.  I hope that many of you enjoy inhabiting the world of Elena and Anastasios as much as I do.

The Pas de Deux tab on the far right will now take you first to an information page about this novel, with the drop down link taking you to the posts I’ve put up about this novel and a small bit of the process I’ve gone through to get it where it is today.


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