Review of Hunted: A Stepbrother Romance Novel by Olivia Long and Olivia Hawthorne

Hunted: A Stepbrother Romance Novel
By Olivia Long and Olivia Hawthorne

Star Rating: 

Genre: Romance
Number of Pages: 196

Date Started: June 16, 2016
Date Finished: June 16, 2016

Synopsis:(From Amazon)30333481
Chloe has to watch Chase sleep his way through hundreds of women while she secretly harbors her crush on the hot ex-Marine. She could never have him, so why can’t she just move on?

Chase can run away from the truth all he wants, but when the rest of the world is telling him he can’t have the one woman he has ever truly wanted, that’s all he can think about now. He’ll break all the rules just to get what he wants.

But now he is on the run from his long time enemy, and when he learns that Chloe is also in danger, all hell breaks loose. Can he save her before it’s too late? And can he make the world accept their love?

*Filled to the brim with angst, drama, and dirty sex, so please don’t read if you’re not into hot bad boys and steamy scenes that will curl your toes and make you want to take a shower.

I briefly remember thinking there was something about this book that bothered me in the beginning… and I quickly forgot as I continued reading what is a very well done romance.  This story isn’t just a case of longing, it isn’t the taboo stuff that everyone thinks of, that they grew up as kids and then decided they wanted each other.  Chase and Chloe met when they were both in their late teens, and as such, found themselves caring a bit too much for people whose parents were dating.  Their parents were given ample page time, and helped drive the plot in their push for Chase and Chloe to spend more time together as family.

Chase’s past was well thought out, well written, and expertly tied together his absence from the family life as well as his current predicament.  Chloe’s age and inexperience also played a large part in why, as adults, they were still thrown together by their parents.

As for the romance– in the beginning, it was very good, steamy, taboo– perfect.  As the rising action got higher and higher, the intimacy continued to be juicy, but jarring, because the situation in which Chase and Chloe find themselves calls for diligence, and rolling around in the sheets is the opposite of what they should be doing.

Looking for more steamy stepbrother romance?  I found Stepbrother Dearest tantalizing, juicy, and taboo.  See my review here, and the Amazon link for the book here.

Author Bio: (From Amazon)
What Amazon tells me of Olivia Long and Olivia Thorne is that they are the same person, and that’s it.

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